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become addicted.

Name- Derek
Age- 18 (19 in 8 days)
Location- Louisville, Ky
Five faveroute bands- Evanescence, Yellowcard, The Postal Service, Malice Mizer, Linkin Park, Nickel Creek, Dashboard Confeesional
Four faveroute films- Enemy of the State, The Last Samurai, LotRs, Kill Bill (1&2)
Three people you think are hot- I'm sorry, I have to break the rule on this one with more than 3. cant_pretend, Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, Kate Beckinsale
Two of your talents/ reasons to be accepted- I sing and I write. Those are only a couple of my talents I take pride in. Other than that, I have a kickass personality once you get to know me. I'm fun and I will do the most random things (even if it means driving through a public park full of potheads at 2am whilst singing and clapping heartily to Queen of the Night)
One bad point- Hm. Do I have one? Meh. I think I'm pretty well rounded and I don't mean to sound conceited this time. I guess you can call my fear of hurting the ones I love, a bad point. *shrug*

Show us your face.
*At least four photo's here*


Is that enough face for ya? *xo*

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