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application XD

Location- glendale, arizona
Five faveroute bands-oh well looking at everyone else's bands, in my mind their sence of music SUCKS but...i like: modest mouse, coheed and cambria, alkaline trio, from autumn to ashes, evanescences (im imbarassed) i think her voice is very calming, i also like sences fail, AFI, a static lullaby and something corperate 
Four faveroute films- Save the Last Dance (imbarassed yet again...but im a dancer so hey what the hell), super tropers, Napolean Dinimite, dodgeball
Three people you think are hot- davie havoc from afi,

-travis from blink 182

-pink i think she has the hottest body!
Two of your talents/ reasons to be accepted- im a dancer, and i can unwrap a starburst in my mouth!;). and i should be accepted because i like tellink people who think they are hot if they arent and i also like to tell people if they are beautiful!
One bad point-i scurred of the dark :::rocks back in forth in a dark corner in fear:::

Show us your face.

im the one closed to the camera

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